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Where does our meat come from?



Our chicken comes from Farmcrest Foods, a small family-run business that raises
speciality birds near Salmon Arm. The Bell and Bird families are hard-working, third-
generation farmers from Ireland who favour quality over quantity and strive to be
environmental stewards of the land. Chicks are hatched each week and raised in
nearby barns where they are free to run. They are fed healthy grains, many of which
are grown without artificial fertilizers on the 300-acre farm and all of which are mixed
at the feed mill on-site. Once grown, the birds end their journey at a family-operated
plant. Some of our chicken is their “speciality line” which is certified NON-GMO and
fully vegetarian fed.

Our beef comes to us from Two Rivers Natural Beef/Beretta Farms. Two Rivers
Natural Beef is a group of family owned working cattle ranches in central Alberta.
They are responsible for the management and stewardship of over 250,000 acres of
leased and deeded lands. The ranches produce premium and grass finished beef for the
food industry. Most importantly they care about providing safe, delicious and
nutritious beef offerings.

Their livestock is humanely treated and raised with no added hormones or antibiotics.
Because healthy land produces healthy animals, their cattle are kept robust and
healthy naturally – without the need for medications. Any animal that has to be treated
with antibiotics is removed from the program. The ranches implement innovative land
and stewardship plans that will help protect strong ecosystems for years to come. The
goal is to reserve healthy forests and grasslands, diverse plant communities, clean
water and wildlife habitat.
We also have AAA Beef. This beef is raised in Alberta. This beef is not antibiotic-free
and can receive a hormone implant as common with 99% of in Canada.

Our Wagyu comes from Brant Lake Wagyu, located in Brant, Alberta. Their Wagyu
cross animals are grown slowly with a sustainable diet. They maintain a strong health
protocol, tracking individual animal health data therefore resulting in a superior,
highly marbled beef. They are managed with minimum stress and treated in
accordance with Verified Beef production practices.

The Wagyu cross herd is free of growth hormones and animal by-products. Some may be familiar with Kobe beef which is world-famous for its quality. Kobe beef is simply Wagyu that comes from the
Kobe region in Japan. Characteristically, Wagyu beef is highly marbled. This means
that the muscle is finely interspersed with monounsaturated fat. Brant Lake Wagyu
cross cattle produce beef has a higher marbling content than other commercial breeds
in the Canadian market. This marbling gives the beef its ultimate taste and tenderness.

Johnston’s Pork supplies us with our pork. Johnston’s Pork has been partnering with
small, family-operated farms in the Fraser Valley to produce exceptional pork
products since 1937. Believing that well cared for animals are essential for top-quality
meats, Johnston’s looks for partner farms that care about the pigs they raise. All
Johnston’s Pork producers have achieved Level 3 Certification under the Production
Protocol Certification Standards concerning biosecurity, nutrient and medication
management, animal transport and more.

Peace Country Lamb is a group of like-minded farmers who share a passion for
animal welfare and an interest in producing high-quality meat. Lambs are born and
raised on various farms throughout Alberta’s Peace Country region. When the time
comes, they are finished on grain for superior flavour and shipped to a federal abattoir
(Sungold Meats) in central Alberta.

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